Welcome to the pee pee man site

On this site I can show you how to be me, The Pee Pee Man. Here is a link: pee pee link.

Want to eat like the Pee Pee Man? Here is Pee Pee Diet. LOTS of pee pee juice. Straight from pee pee balls. Always drink pee pee man secret formula. Formula is pee pee but with russian dressing. text.

Here is image of the Pee Pee Man. Pee Pee Man loves himself, and hope you can love Pee Pee Man, too. Please do not make fun of Pee Pee Man. This image depicts one of Pee Pee Man's many talents and deeds.

Here is Pee Pee Man list of very special things.

To learn more about Pee Pee Man, eat 20 gallons of bleached hair, and come visit me at home. Pee Pee Man want hair.

Here is More info on me, Pee Pee Man: Hi! This job will honestly benefit me than it will you. My offer is to actually go pee pee on you, anytime, anywhere. I'll just like straight up take a whizz right on your face. I'll go wee wee ON your pee pee! I'll even take a tinkle on your stomach! Anytime, any place, anywhere, anywho. So I mean like call my number: (203) - 451 - 5640 I'll be glad to accept calls any time of the day or night. My best open hours are between 6pm and 6am. Man or woman, dog or cat, I'll pee on anything. Call me!